4 Moving!

Where have I been? Why have I disappeared?!
I'm in Tokyo right now~ technically I'm at the international airport in Tokyo.

I'm on my way to China and China has some sites blocked such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and my BlogSpot!!!

Therefore I'll be moving this blog to:



Also will be using their local Sina Weibo which I will put info in my tumblrs and LookBook.

I'm out 4now but see y'all soon at my new blog destinations!

4Being 50/50 on Valentine's

Does women have the right to be indecisive?
I tend to be indecisive sometimes...
But I think any human being has the right to be indecisive because we strive the best.
We evolve and every changing...

This set is an upgraded set for the Valentine set the other day where I shot photos of my friends.
I was sort of forced to stare at the set 24 hours a day (since it's were I live), I got tired of it and think it's missing something...
You usually sense somethings not right when you rush things...
Hence the upgrade.

For LookBook
which one do you prefer?
Step 1. The Encounter
Step 2. Eye Contact
Step 3. The Kiss
So handsome...Lil' Tiger
My challenge for this shooting session was to get the right lighting, which I also struggled in my previous one for my friends'. My solution? Gotta re-set my studio...move around stuff.

4Friends: Our Valentine!

Had a concept for Valentine's day and I wanted my dearest friends to all gather to do a themed photoshoot...just for fun...also it gives us a good reason to hangout!
(It's a Valentine's day baking/Photoshoot/Pizza/Movie hang out)

Best 'INTERN' ever! Bossy people unite :)
Could probably tell the lighting changes quite a lot... 
These shots were meant to be fun and quick too! 
Had a blast and also learned a lot (as always~).

'Friends'! Thank you for your patience. If you remember me being bossy, we did took a lot of shoots so look out for a followup and behind the scene photos!

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Whether you are in a relationship or not just remember you always love yourself first! (then family?)

4BehideTheScenes: 2012115

My dear bro, Jacquar, who is inspirational has posted his new year look a while ago.
The lighting was perfect and so there were a lot of perfect shoots.
I have no idea how he can decide which photos to use, because I like a lot of them....

Since the lighting was so great, I didn't have to do much editing (and that's a first for me)
DISCLAIMER: I didn't edit his photos he used for his blog and lookbook. Those and the concept for 2012115 are solely his own work and ideas. This post is just my spices I want to add on his original dishes.

The set...
Since it rained the night before...it was quite muddy
 And I wore the wrong shoes...
The Master Mind
The little helper
Nail Art of the Day
Love the flares...
My favorite! So proud of the little mistake flares!

Love the shadows...
Loved the shadows so much I had to join the fun...
Some close up with the effects I wanted to play with. I see this effect quite often and yeah...imitation is a form of flattering :)
Such a model
A diva is born
It's always a pleasure shooting with Jacquar.
To see his original blog post, click HERE.
To see his lookbook post, click HERE.
you better click them since I kindly added the links for ya!